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Worksite Wellness Program


Our goal is to make Knox County a healthier place to work and live.  This in return will help employers gain productivity out of its workers as well as increase retention rates and employee satisfaction.

Benefits to the company for joining a worksite wellness program.

  1. Increased worker production.
  2. Less sick days used.
  3. Decreased healthcare costs.
  4. Increased retention and satisfaction of employees.
  5. Investing in the health of the community.

We have studies to prove all these benefits.

To join the worksite wellness program employers must:

  1. Pay a minimum of 40% ($96.00) of their employees Individual membership costs.
  2. Be willing to work with the KCCC to provide a healthier workplace for employees.
  3. Allow a minimum of two informational seminars for employees per year. (During lunch or after work.  The time can be whenever the employer wants to do it.) Options include but are not limited to:
    1. Healthy Lifestyle choices
    2. Nutrition
    3. Stress reduction
    4. Exercise technique
    5. Smoking Cessation

What the Knox County Community Fitness Center will do for the employer.

  1. Document employees use of the fitness center as well as educational/fitness classes.
  2. Do a pre-assessment as well as assessments yearly to document employee progress.
  3. Will help develop a worksite wellness committee of employees (if desired)
  4. Work with individual employees to define and meet personal wellness goals.